Potato Revolution begins with one word. That word is potato. And then it goes on. …And on. …And on. Come along with Andy and Mog as they shed some light on the all the important issues (and some of the unimportant ones too) in a desperate attempt to figure out what everything is all about.

Season 2 was a hell of a ride.

Recorded: 25th March, 2012

A new studio, TWO magnificent guests, a sound guy, Video (although not available here just yet)! All this and more in the second episode of season two. Andy and Mog speak to physicist Tim Dubois about all manner of things – from weddings, to the mysteries of Pumapunku, rabbits, Andy’s art, octocopters and spicy food. As an extra treat for those of you that can’t get enough of Mr Kieran Eaton, he’s here “live” from Perth through the magic of the internet. Enjoy this miracle of modern science right now!

Topics for discussion: Weddings, Mog Driving Badly, Pumapunku, Rabbits, Andy’s Art, Octocopters & Mad Scientist Machines.

Guests: Tim Dubois, Kieran Eaton

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