Potato Revolution begins with one word. That word is potato. And then it goes on. …And on. …And on. Come along with Andy and Mog as they shed some light on the all the important issues (and some of the unimportant ones too) in a desperate attempt to figure out what everything is all about.

Season 2 was a hell of a ride.

Recorded: 16th June, 2012

Evan McHugh of Left and Correct joins us for a huge episode where we attempt to demystify the Dalai Lama. investigate claims of the supernatural, and share stories of our respective forays into what may or may not be the beginnings of careers in standup. We also give our thoughts on the 32 year mess that was Lindy Chamberlain’s very public dance with Australian law as well as respond to some feedback from you guys listening at home.

Topics for discussion: Dalai Lama, Disinformation In China, How/why Religions Begin, Supernatural Phenomena & Debunkers, Starting Out With Standup.

Guest: Evan Mchugh

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