Potato Revolution begins with one word. That word is potato. And then it goes on. …And on. …And on. Come along with Andy and Mog as they shed some light on the all the important issues (and some of the unimportant ones too) in a desperate attempt to figure out what everything is all about.

Season 2 was a hell of a ride.

Recorded: 23rd and 25th September, 2012

Evan McHugh and John Potter join Mog to converse over the shit-fight that propaganda film ‘The Innocence Of Muslims’ has left in its wake. On a lighter note, they also explain why sometimes it’s better not to go back and revisit childhood cartoons. Plus, John shares some of his insight as a new comedian on the Melbourne scene. And if that’s not enough, Andy and Mog continue the fun with a story of true crime and drama, as well as asking the question, “Did Andy see a UFO?”.

Topics: Anti-Muslim Propaganda Film, Childhood TV Revisited (You Can’t Go Back), John’s Standup Experience, Cory Bernardi, Myspace Photo Culture, Andy’s UFO Sighting, The Show Must Go On.

GUESTS: Evan McHugh, John Potter

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