Podcast – Episode 21

You’ve waited ever so patiently and it’s finally arrived, the new episode is here!

Featuring up and coming local comic John Potter who deftly guides us through the ins and outs of preparing and being a part of an ensemble show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Speaking of which, if you’re sitting around scratching your head with no idea who to go and see this year, we’ve prepared for you a shortlist of our favourites(with links).

And if that’s not enough, this episode also features the track, “I Wish that I had Duck Feet” from Goulburn-based band Sibling Reveille.


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5 in a bed (facebook)

5 in a bed (MICF page/tickets)


Sibling Reveille (facebook)


MICF* recommendations:

Angus Brown – Mania

Bart Freebairn – The Age Of Wonder

Charles Barrington – One Character Or Less

Daniel Kitson (UK) – Work In Progress

Fabian Lapham & The Actual Musicians – God Fights The Dinosaurs & 9 Other Stories That Will Awesome You In The Face

Jon Bennett – Fire In The Meth Lab

Ryan Coffey – Late & Loud

This Is Siberian Husky – Misery Factory

Trav Nash – The Ageing Young Rebel

*The actual dates (as opposed to the lies I told you in the episode) for this event is 27Mar-21Apr.

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