Podcast – Episode 23

Kieran Eaton joins us once again in the studio – this time to share his knowledge on the Perth comedy scene, 80’s cartoons and the perks of caring for the elderly.

Andy brings us an installment Things That Are Weird: Conspiracy Theory 101 in which he draws us into the bizarre world of internet theorists and just a few of the topics they devote their time and energy to.

Mog tells a story about buying a new pair of pants and featured also is a track from Melbourne thrash rockers, Dirty Chapters. Get into it!


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Kieran kills at M.I.B. (12.3.13)




Kieran Eaton (Facebook)

To See: Youtube 


Dirty Chapters (Facebook)


Don’t forget, Melbourne International Comedy Festival continues until the 21st April with heaps of acts performing daily so get out there and check out some great comedians doing their thing.

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