Ted is Seth MacFarlanes’ first feature film. We all know Seth from Family Guy and the first thing you’ll say while watching this is, “hey, that’s the dad from Family Guy” when you hear Ted’s voice. The other thing you’ll notice is that Mark Wahlberg is in this too. I feel like he’s known more for his serious roles these days but I love him doing comedy (see: The Other Guys). Mark plays this straight and pitch-perfect. Mila Kunis (also from Family Guy) plays the love interest.Although this movie has a talking teddy bear, this is essentially a coming-of-age story for Generation X’ers who, like myself – didn’t do it in their teens and continue to be adolescents until their 30’s.

Wahlberg plays John Bennett, a guy with a talking teddy bear (Macfarlane) who’s been his best friend ever since he wished for him as a child one night. The story begins by introducing us to John who has been dating Lori (Kunis) for four years now. He’s happy with the way things are going but she’s at the point where she wants more out of the relationship.TedTrailer_Mark-Wahlberg

As the film progresses, John has to make the decision whether or not to man up and make the commitment to Lori that they both need to grow as a couple.

This is all standard stuff… with a talking teddy bear… but it works on the level of romantic comedy as well. Joel Mchale of TV’s Community plays the fantastically self-absorbed misogynistic boss of Lori who moves in as soon as he finds out there’s trouble in paradise and Giovanni Ribisi plays the demented Donny who wants Ted for his own equally fucked up child to make up for his own shortcomings as a father and human being in general.

There are a bunch of familiar faces/voices who’ve worked with MacFarlane in the past to make up the supporting cast and the un-PC humour that is supplied in buckets will have you laughing all the way to the closing credits.

It doesn’t hurt that MacFarlane pays tribute to his longstanding love affair with 1980 B-film Flash Gordon and its mighty Queen soundtrack as well.

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