50-50_poster.jpgI feel that the name of this film was the reason I put off seeing it for so long. If it was called 70/30 or something, maybe I would have thought subliminally that there were better odds that it was going to be good. But it’s not – it’s called 50/50 and it’s a comedy about a guy with cancer. Fun, huh?

Actually, it is.

Being a romantic comedy, this film could easily submit to the trappings of cliché but due to its choice of subject matter, the emotion is pushed forward and you really feel for these characters. Speaking of which, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan head the cast in this one with support from Anna Kendrick, Anjelica Huston and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Adam (Gordon-Levitt) is a pretty decent dude in a pretty decent relationship with Rachel (Howard). His life is pretty decent with his spare time split fairly evenly between Rachel and his best friend Kyle (Rogan).

Things are travelling along smoothly until Adam goes to the doctor about some back pain which turns out to be the big C. This piece of information, as you’d imagine, brings everything to a halt and he has to re-evaluate the important things in life.

With a life inspired script by Will Reiser (cousin of Paul Reiser) and directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, The Wackness), this film has a lot of warmth and truth to it that could only be expressed by someone who’s actually had similar experiences.

I really don’t want to tell you much more about it. There are some great performances from all involved and a decent script that will push and pull at your heart strings right through to the end.

Highly recommended.

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