The_SitterThe Sitter is another one of those movies I had a lot of hesitation in seeing. I don’t know why. Sometimes I get on my cultural high horse and see a film come out where I’m all, “I wouldn’t touch that with a really long stick” based purely on the promotion for it.

I have to stop doing that. a) because this line of thinking in my brain is completely arbitrary and b) I miss out on little gems like this one. Now I’m not saying it’s the greatest movie in the world but I am saying that sitting down for 80 minutes (part of the reason I decided to give it a shot was the length) for this was not a waste of time (any more than sitting to watch any film is) and there are some genuinely funny moments.

Directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), this Jonah Hill vehicle is essentially a remake of Uncle Buck. Is it wrong to compare actor types based purely on size? Jonah Hill, before he started losing weight was essentially the 21st Century John Candy and this movie only exists because someone in Hollywood came to that same conclusion.

The story is about Noah (Hill), a slacker with smarts but no drive or sense of self worth. Contrived circumstances put him in the seat as best candidate (or should that be Candy-date) for the children of his mother’s friends. Noah takes the job because he wants his Mum to go out and get laid (which really is kind of sweet).

So, a slacker with no sense of responsibility is lumped with looking after these three kids that all have their own hilarious problems and he decides to take them to the city to pick up drugs for a girl that he’s kind of seeing but not really. As you can tell, things probably get a little out of control from there and they do.

It’s a fun ride, Hill’s chemistry with the kids is great and there are some great walk-on characters to fill the flaky plot with enough laughs to get you through.

At 80 minutes in length, they’ve shaved all excess material and we’re left with an inappropriately fun ride for all the family.

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