green_hornet_ver3_xlgThis movie is not without its flaws but I think it deserves a re-watch simply because people may not have got what it was about the first time around. It may also have been overshadowed by another terrible green monster that came out around the same time. Green Lantern was and is an abhorrent waste of money and will always be a blemish on the DC movies line-up. I’ve heard folk say that DC don’t have enough A-list superheroes to make films with, I generally don’t think it true but that one doesn’t help.

Blergh! Get that bad taste out of my mouth.

Anyway, Green Lantern came out and made everyone sad at around the same time Green Hornet came out and nobody cared. There’s more than one reason for this. People thought;

a) What the hell? Another Green superhero character? I’m so disappointed by anything green right now.

b) Why’s the dude who brought us the arthouse gems Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep doing a superhero movie?

c) And Ugh! Who is that lead? Oh, it’s Seth Rogan. Can he be funny without being fat?

Also, I think this film isn’t really a superhero movie and that’s where people get it wrong. This is more akin to Starsky & Hutch (2004) or Mystery Men, not quite a parody, more a humorous take on the subject matter.

It’s an origin story but all the components are slightly skewed. The hero has the passion and wherewithal but none of the skills, his sidekick is the one with the talent, the villain is a standard mob boss but he’s going through a bit of a midlife crisis which pushes him to the outlandish rank of super villain and the love interest has absolutely no interest in our hero romantically.

On reflection, Michel Gondry is the perfect choice to direct this film. His child-like take on reality gives the picture the right flavour to make it sit perfectly on this side of impossible, instead making it just highly improbable.

It’s a great script by Goldberg & Rogan, Jay Chou does a fantastic Kato, Christolph Waltz is in there too with Cameron Diaz and Edward Furlong (the kid from T2: Judgement Day) even makes an appearance. What more could you want?

Go on, check it out. You know you want to.

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