inbetweeners-new6-4lowresPerhaps I’m not the most qualified to review a film such as this. The Inbetweeners was a fairly successful UK sitcom that ran 3 seasons between 2008 and 2010. Its four main characters are outcasts that find themselves brought together in a friendship that’s partly circumstantial and a little bit that they actually like each other. It’s a little bit Freaks and Geeks-meets-Shameless-come-American Pie.

I say that I may not be qualified to review this film because I only watched a handful of episodes from the first season back in 2010. I saw value in it but it didn’t grab me enough to follow on to the whole series.

This movie is set chronologically after the last season (I assume). Our likely lads have just finished school and are doing the UK version of schoolies where they go to the beach for a week of drinking and hopefully a little debauchery too.

As fish out of water in their own lives anyway, when they travel to Malia (Greece) they find themselves even further out of their depth in their attempts to meet and get off with girls.

From there it’s a handful of moments where the name of the game is gross-out humour and/or boys being boys and inappropriately at that.

Perhaps when I was 17 I could have enjoyed this. I do after all; remember enjoying Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000) at around that age and that is a similarly monumental piece of crap based on a TV show about teenagers.

If you enjoy knob and poo jokes, don’t want to think too hard or feel that deeply for your characters, check this one out. Just don’t blame me if you want to poke your eyeballs out with skewers after the experience.

Additionally, while looking for an image to go with these words, I found out that those responsible for this are planning a sequel where the boys go backpacking in Australia…


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