sleepwalk-with-me-posterHere’s a modest little (and slightly autobiographical) film about one man’s journey to overcome the obstacles in his life. To be honest, Matt (Mike Birbiglia) hasn’t got many. With a supportive girlfriend and a job at the bar of his local comedy club, Matt’s life is pretty good. Sure, he wants to take his comedy career a little more seriously but it’s hard because of his commitment to those two aforementioned things. Oh yes, he also sleepwalks.

I picked this film off the shelf because it was a story about a stand-up comedian. I had no idea who Birbiglia was before this but I think it’s as good an introduction as any to his work.

It’s another one of those slacker coming-of-age stories (by my reckoning, it’s standard that men don’t do it until their 30’s now) and a realistic slice-of-life comedy drama which occasionally gets a little surreal as we take part in Matt’s dreams, but it balances nicely and the cuts from dream to how he’s reacting to them in reality are nicely done.

There’s not much else to say – you can probably guess that because he got to make a movie that he won the day. It’s fantastic to see Lauren Ambrose even if she does play a slightly bitchy and controlling girlfriend. You might remember her from Six Feet Under.

Anyway, check it out. It’s good.

Is this review too short? I feel like it’s too short. It’s a short movie that clocks in at 81 minutes – anyhoo, that’s my justification and I’m sticking with it.

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Sleepwalk With Me (2012)

  1. Watched this movie following your review and glad I did. Was a nice, little film and one I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise – Cheers Mog.

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