Howdy folks! Turns out we’re a bit rubbish at getting the podcast or… well… anything else happening here lately.

Recently Mog made his way over to Trav’s house to give him a hand (or more accurately, a voice) with a game he’s made called Comedy Quest. He also churned out a quick interview to include on that elusive first episode of the season.

That recording is sitting on a hard drive somewhere in a vast warehouse. In the meantime our good friend and knower of (some) things Ben had a question for Mog. “Oi! How do you make it podcast good?” he asked. Mog replied, “Ben, you’ve forgotten how to talk properly. Nevertheless, you are a friend in need and I will share my knowledge with you.”

Good news! He did not use his powers for evil. Instead he went and done this!



Work in Beta is a website and podcast that covers the world of Indie Games and their first episode features a fun and informative interview with Trav and they talk about the trials and tribulations that came with making Comedy Quest. It’s far more interesting than what I did, so I’ll share it with you here.

Go check it out!

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