What’s a game jam? A challenging yet super fun event where a group of game developers (or devs) get together with the intention of building a functioning game over a set period (48 hours for this one).

It’s about games, art, creativity and collaboration and one lucky fella has the privilege of reporting from the front lines – Mog!

That’s right, over the next three days Mog and the Work In Beta crew will be there to chat live with the jammers and deliver all the goss on the Melbourne branch of the Global Game Jam.

If you’re keen to find out more, jump on to Twitch (you’ll have to register an account but don’t fret – it’s free) and watch the live stream from the comfort of your own… wherever you’re reading this from now. It’s pretty neat, you’ll also be able to interact with us through Twitch chat and Twitter using the #MELBGGJ hashtag.

The stream will officially begin 10am (EST) on Saturday the 30th but if you tune in after 7pm on Friday the 29th – you just might be able to catch Mog and the gang getting up to their old tricks along with some game-based shenanigans.

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