Call for submissions


The Potato Revolution is back. To make it bigger and better than ever, we need you!


Do you even art? Would you like to share it on our community website? We’re taking expressions of interest for your interesting artistic expressions. If it’s weird, it’s wonderful. And we want to share it.

We’re interested in:

  • Comics
  • Cartoons
  • Graphics of any kind
  • Photography

We’re looking for:

  • Doodles
  • Sketches
  • Multimedia
  • Animation
  • Music/Sounds
  • Game and pixel art


Do you write the weird stuff? The kind of thing that only occasionally (if ever) turns up in literary collections? We want to share your funny, bizarre, psychedelic, sci-fi, “out there” stories with the world.


Do you like comics, cartoons, music and/or comedy? We’re looking for content.

Our angle is creativity and collaboration so if you’ve experienced something (doesn’t have to be new/current) that you want to write some words about and you think it would suit our little operation, get in touch with an expression of interest.

For more information, check out our submission guidelines and FAQ.

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