Trav Nash is a man of many talents. When he’s not drawing character art for The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe or creating nostalgic trips in video game format, you can hear him on his weekly podcast Tales From the Mind Boat (TFTMB).

Over the 170-or-so episodes produced to far, TFTMB has evolved from its humble beginnings as a storytelling podcast for a comedian and his friends into something quite different. Now, the show is more personal and journal-like as Trav shares moments from his day-to-day life in an effort to make sense of his world.

To accompany Trav’s thoughts and stories, the show has a strong musical identity with its evocative theme by the amazing Tim Whitt. This, combined with the additional ambient music created by Trav himself, adds to the overall tone of the project as he explores themes of depression, anxiety, and a sense of disconnectedness that seems so common in many of us these days. The complete package makes for an engaging half-hour of content that I look forward with every coming week.

No stranger to making lo-fi beats and ambient tunes, Trav has produced music under the moniker of Pierre Vanderbee for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise that when he pulls together the isolated music from TFTMB into a collection such as GEEDIS, it’s a competently-delivered and compelling experience.

For me, these tracks sit somewhere in my playlist between Autechre, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno and the less frenetic sounds of Aphex Twin.

As individual tracks, each song delivers a slightly different flavour. Rimdelda, for example, touches on something that wouldn’t be out of place on one of the more mature offerings from Nine Inch Nails or Gary Numan. As a collection, the sounds on GEEDIS take me on a satisfying journey and I recommend taking the time to sit down with the lights out and take a listen.

Speaking as someone who also suffers from anxiety, it’s calming sounds like what you will find on GEEDIS that can help keep the whirlpool of negative thoughts away.

Listen to GEEDIS.

Discover Pierre Vanderbee.

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