Welcome to the ongoing series of behind-the-scenes posts for our little endeavour that is The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe.


Session: 03

Title: Mostly Butt Stuff

Recorded: 1pm, 21st December 2018

Location: Library at the Dock Recording Studio

Guest: Stephanie Teitelbaum

Mostly Butt Stuff was the fourth episode recorded in the season and the second of three episodes recorded that day. Stephanie was our first recurring guest from season one – and the only one (so far) to play the same character in this season.

This was our second episode recorded with the full cast and, with Stephanie back in the studio as well, it was a very smooth and natural process.

Following the recording Deja Vu, this episode created a bit of lore and detail for the world, such as Rika-Shore high security prison, which we were able to use and expand upon in Jailhouse Blues.

The climax moment where everyone climbs into Chase’s anus is up there (no pun intended) with one of the most surreal things we’ve done so far – and also one of my favourites. For me, this moment was reminiscent of something that might happen in The Goon Show. If not for discovering Spike Milligan and the goons as a child, I probably wouldn’t be doing this now (I wasn’t alive when it originally aired in the ’50s – I’m old, but not that old – however, my local library did have a decent collection of recordings on cassette).


This is the perfect time to talk about the character art we commission to promote each episode on the website and social media. As mentioned, this is the only episode (so far) that features a recurring guest character from season one and because of this, we get to see two wildly different visual interpretations of Box Fleecey the Rubik’s Cube.

For our first season we brought the very capable piemboons on board to help realise the look of our characters, and for the second, we enlisted the help of local artist Trav Nash. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having a different artist for each season not only differentiates each season, it’s also how we visually represent the improv element of our show. As our guests bring their own personality and details to these characters, so too do our artists when drawing them.

We also like the idea that our characters are not tied down to a specific look. As a listener, you’ll have your own picture in your mind of how they appear – and though that image may differ from what someone else sees in theirs, one is no more correct than the other.

Got your own idea of what Box Fleecey (or any other Quest Inn character) looks like? we’d love to see it! Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share your art!


Creating the audio to reflect our characters getting inside Chase was a lot of fun and a good opportunity to play with cartoony sounds for comic effect.

Also, Box Fleecey’s entry into the cell uses a variety of sounds, including Stephanie’s own digging noises that she came up with during the session. Originally, I was going to pull these out and replace them completely with shovels on dirt, but there’s a certain timbre added by her rhythm and performance that I liked, and so decided to keep it in the mix.

As you’ll hear, the sound of Rika-Shore is consistent with prior episodes. I like what I did here, but it was a relief to get out of that cell to play with a wider audio palette – which I’ll tell you all about in the next episode.

Till next time.

Listen to the full episode here.

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