Have you ever posted a video of a stranger in a public space because their actions struck you as strange or significant? How many times have you witnessed an unusual scene in your daily life only to then tell this story over and over again to your friends? When does someone else’s experience become our own?

Indiana Kiely and Simon Hawkings are no strangers to improvised comedy and, like me, you’ll be pleased to know that the duo have joined forces to perform their own brand of absurdist, observational and character-based comedy as Liz in their very own show You’re Making A Scene for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2020.

‘Nothing short of a delight.’ – PopCulture-y

You may recognise Indiana as the voice of Katherine Wilder from our little podcast The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe. As for Simon, well, he may not officially be one of the Quest Inn crew, but he does hold the trophy for being our most frequent returning guest. 


My introduction to the dynamic performing prowess of the pair was way back when we recorded A Professional Moment from the podcast’s first season. It was this episode that Simon debuted the character of Katherine’s on again/off again love interest Cedric the dwarf and it was the chemistry they shared that had me hooked. It was also this chemistry that injected a sense of pathos and elevated the character relationship from a side-story into an integral arc of the first season. Simon also returned for a second season episode as King Bleedon in We Are One Unit.

Outside of the #QuestInnPodcast, I’ve worked with both Simon and Indiana on a variety of projects including Simon’s debut solo sketch show Kiwifruit: An Autobiography and the podcast Why Are You Here? With Karen Debbie Cradle PhD, and I can honestly say that every single time I’m both inspired and delighted by the quality of their work.

It was a pleasant surprise when earlier this year Liz gave us some short sketch videos in the lead-up to announcing You’re Making A Scene.

You’re Making A Scene commences from the moment the audience begins to line up and takes full flight once everyone is seated. Two audience members will make themselves known to you — mourners, long lost high school friends, rival theatre critics, parents of the performer — people whose private lives spill into the public domain.

Sound like your cup of tea? Tickets are available now, so get them while you still can!

And if that’s not enough, this hard-working team have put together a podcast to complement the show. Three episodes in (with more still to come), each week delivers another pair of characters to enjoy.

Raising Celebrity ChildrenIn Dennis and Marie’s Interstate Adventures – Melbourne Edition the familial hosts from Ipswich recap a recent trip to Melbourne to visit their son, Richie.

Are you Serious is all style with fashionistas Brendan and Heather.

Raising Celebrity Children features Hollywood royalty from yesteryear Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton discussing the pitfalls of long-haired children.

And yes, there’s more to come, so get on and subscribe where you can and if you’re in Melbourne for the festival, get along to the show!

WAYH_cover(Note: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton also appear in two time-bending Why Are You Here? episodes – and I can’t recommend these enough!)



Find more Liz on Facebook and Instagram. Get tickets for Liz presents You’re Making a Scene. Discover the podcast.

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