Progress Journal for Aramis Gothboi: Book One

Mog’s ongoing account of completing the first draft.

Total word count: 22,681


Fifteenth Post:

Day 3 and as anticipated, I’ve dropped a little behind schedule by adding only a little over 500 words tonight. Spent a little time cleaning up yesterday’s efforts with dialogue and adding a little more to the chapter that required backstory. This is a tough one because there’s a whole village present and I kind of need it to feel emotionally honest and not have it fall into the realms of pantomime. Wish I could go into more detail, but I need to think about sleep. Will also definitely need more time to get this one to actually work.

I guess the good news is that I’ve got less than 25% of the total 30K total to go.

Okay, enough now. Sleep good.

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