Progress Journal for Aramis Gothboi: Book One

Mog’s ongoing account of completing the first draft.

Total word count: 22,832


Seventeenth Post:

Today was a rollercoaster of doing much less done than I anticipated. I spent the morning changing the tense of the last chapter where that had to be done, and followed this with mapping out the story’s climax. I had an idea of how this would play out and already had a few sentences illustrating as such, but there was one bit that looked very much like this:

<insert big moment>

After today, I’m miles ahead. Now it looks like this:

<insert big moment where X achieves Y and overcomes Z>

Progress, huh? I’d hoped to get some more work done in the afternoon before a workshopping session, but it was not to be. The session, however, went very well and I got feedback on the prologue for this very project.

The good news is that people liked it for the right reasons, asked questions about the questionable parts, and nudged me in the right direction to making some structural decisions that I’d been putting off until now.

After the workshopping, I took some me time because sometimes you’ve got to remember to do that – even when there’s a deadline looming.

It’s now 1:30am. After I get some sleep, I’ll get to work on applying those suggested edits to the prologue and then I’ll get to work on the climax. If I can get 2,000 words down tomorrow, I’ll be happy. Gotta catch up on lost time and the next two days are the last chance I’ll have to do this.

Sleep well my friends.

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