Progress Journal for Aramis Gothboi: Book One

Mog’s ongoing account of completing the first draft.

Total word count: 25,192


Eighteenth Post:

Success! Today I reached yesterday’s goal by putting more than 2,000 words on the page, which has almost made up for the lost time of the last two days. I am also hoping to get the final 4,000 or so done in the following two days so I don’t have to stress all the way up to the finish line. Unless my eyes fall out or something equally debilitating happens, I should get there easily.

Today was strange. I tackled the climax and the final chapter, which will both need redrafting, but while doing them I felt a sense of almost finality as I wrote. I now have a draft written of every chapter in the book. I didn’t even think about this little fact until now, so that’s certainly an achievement worth celebrating. That said, there are additional chapters that have presented themselves in the working of this draft, that need to be structured and locked in as additional pieces of the puzzle. The other interesting result of writing the climax is that even more details have come up that will need to be inserted earlier in the book so that certain aspects of the resolution will actually work.

Another thing I should mention is that writing to a deadline this tight really sucks – avoid it at all costs. I’m getting the job done, but the process was far more enjoyable when I had some wriggle room and time to breathe between writing sessions – just one more reason why I want to finish this thing sooner rather than later.

Here’s to smashing goals.

Stay safe.

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