Progress Journal for Aramis Gothboi: Book One

Mog’s ongoing account of completing the first draft.

Total word count: 28,293


Twentieth Post:

With two days to go, I have to average 900 words per day to get this 30K in the bag. I reckon I got this.

As mentioned yesterday, I hoped to have completed the thing over the course of last night and today, but it was not to be. Guess I’ll have to settle for scraping in on time instead.

I fixed that climax issue and spent today reviewing chapters to see what’s missing where, and adding the necessary details. Unfortunately, every time I do this, I only add about 200 words at a time because the bulk of the text for this phase is already on the page.

I’m thinking I’ll sit down and add a whole new chapter tomorrow to get this thing done. I was considering that it would be a necessary step in the second draft anyway, and it’s the only way I’m going to hit 30K in a time-effective way.

From there on in, I can begin work on the additional submission material that includes:

  • story summary
  • breakdown of my progress with the project so far
  • reasons why I am throwing my butt in the ring

It’s all due this Friday. Such fun.

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