Progress Journal for Aramis Gothboi: Book One

Mog’s ongoing account of completing the first draft.

Total word count: 30,040


Twenty-first Post:

Word total: 30,040 (+1,747)

30K complete! I hit my goal just now with one day to spare (although it has technically been Day 10 for about 30 minutes now).

It’s really quite amazing for me to see how much I have been able to achieve in such a tight amount of time. To get over the line I followed through with last night’s plan and inserted 2 additional chapters.

The first added chapter puts more focus on Jo’s (protagonist) home life and helps to answer the question of why she is doing what she does at the beginning of the book. It also spends a little more time teasing out the first mystery that needs to be solved. For the mystery, I added a detail that will fuel a little more conflict between the main characters further down the track. For this session I sat and wrote a little over a thousand words. I admit that it is rough, but still pretty well-formed.

I finished that chapter and realised I only had 694 more words to get to 30K, so I decided to sit down for one more session tonight and just bash it out.

The second added chapter is a scene that I’ve been wondering whether or not is actually necessary for quite some time now. I’d cut it from the chapter plan for this current drafting phase, but as I’ve got what is now essentially a completed first draft in front of me, I can now see that it won’t hurt to include it. As I fleshed the chapter, I came to the conclusion that it may become a very necessary scene.

To get that chapter out I simply bashed out what I thought was enough to get me over the finish line, so it’s pretty rough but the main thread is there along with some fun character interaction and dialogue. A few ideas from a later chapter will need to be adapted align with what happens here now, otherwise it’s pretty sound so far.

What a ride! …but it’s not over just yet.

I have tomorrow and Friday night to do the submission stuff. If I get the time, I’ll also clean up that last chapter.


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