The year of 2020 gave me a lot of time to think about how sound affects my mental health; inner city living is maddening. The result being that I have grown more particular than ever about the noise I allow into my day-to-day life.

Only recently have I come to appreciate the suburban ambience that comes through my office window. The past few months of a Covid-19 lockdown brought a tranquillity to this city that I am truly going to miss.

So, Melbourne is opening back up and I’m frightfully aware that a return to normality means a return to the sanity-sapping drone of human existence. To combat the ever-present aural assault of the outside world, I must return to the old ways. My brain needs fortification so that I might continue to function and produce creative work.

A most effective form of protection is a soundtrack or musical soundscape and a decent pair of headphones. But what sounds work best?

For writing, drawing, or any other creative endeavour I need music that strikes a balance between engaging and soothing, contemplative but detached. Something not so involving that it demands my full attention, but not so ambient that it lulls me to sleep.

If you want for such things and are looking for something new, Trav Nash might just be the undiscovered muse you may not know you needed.

His latest effort Chronophobia is available free to hear and download in the form of an episode of his contemplative quasi-journal podcast Tales from the Mind Boat.

Even in the face of oblivion, Nash continues to create perfect soundtracks for the creative mind. As his catalogue grows so too does the quality of his production.

You can discover literally hours of synthesized ambience and lo-fi beats among his podcast episodes. Here’s one I found for you (with a review and a little history for those interested).

He won’t tell you what to do and neither will I, but if you’re looking for something that ticks the boxes I’ve listed then dip in and have a listen.

If you like what you hear and want more, you can support Trav Nash by purchasing his exclusive-to-Bandcamp albums including the conceptual NEW_AGE_DEATH_CULT.

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