Let’s face it, 2020 was awful. For many Melburnians, the last-minute cancellation of Melbourne International Comedy Festival was the first sign of just how bad things would get.

It’s a new year now. Yay! And with that dumpster fire behind us, MICF rises like a phoenix once more. You heard right, live comedy is back in town—and this time around it’s more homegrown than ever!

The coming of a new festival season will always warm my little heart as I see collaborators both old and new with their very own festival shows.

Here is another Revolutionary Recommendation for 2021:

The Burton Brothers – Snake Oil

8 – 18 Apr

Do you suffer from an ache that ails you or a maddening malady? Do you feel like a chunk of rotting butcher’s meat that’s been ripped apart in the sweltering heat of the day by hungry dogs?   

Then look no further than the miracle cure we have for you. Two brothers performing sketch comedy. It will make you laugh, make you cry, put a pep in your step and some fuel in your mule.

One half of the Burton Brothers, Tom (I have not met Josh, but have been assured that he is good people) turned up in two #QuestInnPodcast episodes back in 2018 as the egg-obsessed fox, Mickle Mantel. Both recording sessions were a breeze. Tom brought a great vibe to the studio and gave his character life in a way that was both unique and memorable.

Snake Oil is playing now.

Get your tickets and show details at: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/burton-brothers-presents-snake-oil

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