Reviewed: The Trip (1967)

An LSD film written by Jack Nicholson, directed by Roger Corman and starring Peter Fonda! And Dennis Hopper is in there too?! *mind explodes!* Actually, if you’re familiar with this period in cinematic history, these guys worked with each other in different capacities more than once. Corman directed Nicholson in the original Little Shop Of Horrors […]

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Reviewed: Jackboots On Whitehall (2010)

Right there on the DVD cover it states “Team America crashing headfirst into Inglourious Basterds” – a quote by a Mr Simon Reynolds from Digital Spy. After attempting to view this movie I became interested in following up the full review from him because sure, I get the Inglourious Basterds comparison (alternate WW2 timeline) and the Team America reference is understandable […]

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Reviewed: Machete Kills (2013)

I’m a bit of a fan of Robert Rodriguez. Desperado had quite an impact on me as a teen with its comic book action and I’ve been following his career with interest ever since. His high water mark commercially is Sin City but considering that’s a collaborative effort based on someone else’s work – for me, […]

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Reviewed: Where The Buffalo Roam (1980)

Once upon a time Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas didn’t exist as a film. If you wanted to follow the exploits of Hunter S Thompson you’d have to read something… and if you didn’t like reading then your only other option was Where The Buffalo Roam – a film with Bill Murray playing Dr Thompson and Peter Boyle in the role of Lazlo/Dr Gonzo […]

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Reviewed: Godzilla (1954)

With Gareth Edwards’ remake having just been released, there’s no doubt in my mind that a bunch of you might like to check out the original to see where it all began. I know I did. If you by chance don’t have the patience to sit through it, here’s a blow-by-blow retelling of this magical […]

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