Reviewed: The Trip (1967)

An LSD film written by Jack Nicholson, directed by Roger Corman and starring Peter Fonda! And Dennis Hopper is in there too?! *mind explodes!* Actually, if you’re familiar with this period in cinematic history, these guys worked with each other in different capacities more than once. Corman directed Nicholson in the original Little Shop Of Horrors […]

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Reviewed: Swingers (1996)

Once upon a time a group of precocious Hollywood wannabes made an Indie film that really turned things around and got them noticed by the rest of Hollywood. The group consisted of Doug Liman (director), Vince Vaughan (actor) and Jon Favreau (writer/actor). Liman is responsible for re-igniting the spy genre with The Bourne Identity, Jon Favreau put the heart into a film […]

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Reviewed: The Way Way Back (2013)

When I first heard about a little film called The Descendants, I was kind of excited due to Alexander Payne helming the ship. He’s responsible for bringing a handful of gems to the screen (Sideways, About Schmidt, Election), each one toting a touch of melancholy with it in a way that balances the humour and gives it (at least for […]

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Reviewed: Sleepwalk With Me (2012)

Here’s a modest little (and slightly autobiographical) film about one man’s journey to overcome the obstacles in his life. To be honest, Matt (Mike Birbiglia) hasn’t got many. With a supportive girlfriend and a job at the bar of his local comedy club, Matt’s life is pretty good. Sure, he wants to take his comedy […]

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Reviewed: Mood Indigo (2013)

Michel Gondry is a name you might not know but probably should. The man is a French director that created a niche for himself in the late 90’s with unique music clips for the likes of Bjork, The White Stripes and others. His first Hollywood film Human Nature wasn’t overly brilliant but it did pair […]

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Reviewed: Godzilla (1954)

With Gareth Edwards’ remake having just been released, there’s no doubt in my mind that a bunch of you might like to check out the original to see where it all began. I know I did. If you by chance don’t have the patience to sit through it, here’s a blow-by-blow retelling of this magical […]

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