Reviewed: Swingers (1996)

Once upon a time a group of precocious Hollywood wannabes made an Indie film that really turned things around and got them noticed by the rest of Hollywood. The group consisted of Doug Liman (director), Vince Vaughan (actor) and Jon Favreau (writer/actor). Liman is responsible for re-igniting the spy genre with The Bourne Identity, Jon Favreau put the heart into a film […]

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Reviewed: Movie 43 (2013)

Movie 43 seemed like a bad idea the first time I heard about it. A handful of well-known actors come together for a gross-out film of epic proportions with a handful of directors and writers pulling it all together. It’s like Paris, Je t’aime via Funny or Die. A sketch movie like Kentucky Fried Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon, Monty Python’s […]

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Reviewed: I Give It A Year (2013)

(SPOILERS AHOY!) Here we have a romantic comedy which attempts to subvert the genre and almost gets it right. Watching this, two films of recent came to mind; The Five Year Engagement and Friends With Kids. Both focus on the negative of traditional relationships but result in different ways. Where The Five Year Engagement looks at what can happen […]

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Reviewed: The Way Way Back (2013)

When I first heard about a little film called The Descendants, I was kind of excited due to Alexander Payne helming the ship. He’s responsible for bringing a handful of gems to the screen (Sideways, About Schmidt, Election), each one toting a touch of melancholy with it in a way that balances the humour and gives it (at least for […]

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Reviewed: The Love Guru (2008)

Ah, Mike Myers. You were the comedy darling on the cusp of the 21st century. We all remember such endearing characters of yours as Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Shrek. We loved them so much we said, “Give us more!” and you made a bunch of sequels. And then what happened? You just went away. Sure, you had a […]

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Reviewed: Land Of The Lost (2009)

Chances are you didn’t run out and see this adventure film starring Will Ferrell, Anna Friel and Danny McBride when it hit the big screen in 2009. And to that I’d say, ‘fair enough.’ What I do recommend however is checking it out now that it’s had time to settle and let everyone forget how much it cost to make. […]

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