Live Show: Enlighten Me a Little – Reeni Inosha

Article – by Morgan Thistlethwaite


Hey hey hey! Everyone in Melbourne has Fringe festival fever right now (except for the AFL fans, but whatevs), and everyone who’s anyone has a show going on right now.

As a diligent patron of the arts, it’s Friday night and I’m at home in my underpants while I back up my PS3 hard drive. For me, this is no surprise. I mean, looking back through the archives, the last time we plugged a live show around here was waaay back in May 2017.


There’s a whole world out there to experience and there’s a Fringe Festival on and there’s a bunch of talented people doing unique and amazing things and they want to do those things in front of you (and I’m working on getting out more, I promise)!

Anyhoo, that little show (Hey Femmily! It’s Me, Tomp Canks) led me on a journey toward making a killer podcast with a great bunch of people, and some of these great people are doing their own shows or somehow involved in helping other folks out.

But what about Reeni, you ask, why am I talking about all this other stuff? Shut up, I’ll get to her now. One of the integral elements to making The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe a success is Indiana (Indy) Kiely. She’s driven, hard-working and an all-round amazing person that does so much good stuff for the performing arts. One of the many things she’s good at is directing. Along with Hayley Tantau, Indy has assisted Reeni Inosha in putting together her debut solo show (I told you we’d get there, didn’t I?).


Enlighten Me a Little is a hybrid of standup, sketch and storytelling with a little song and dance thrown in too.

I’ll be checking this out for myself on Monday, but you don’t have to wait that long as it’s playing every night until September 26th, with one last show on Friday the 28th at Pilgrim.

If this sounds like your bag, get out and see Reeni for a funny and thought-provoking 50 minutes of true stories about a girl in the world just trying to make things work.

Get your tickets here.

When: 22nd-26th & 28th Sept (6 shows to go)

What time and where: 6pm @ Pilgrim Bar

How much: $15-$20

How long: 50min

Summary: Standup / sketch / storytelling

For Reeni Ekanayake, maintaining her market rate is important – but how far will she go?

In her debut solo performance, Reeni explores why she’s no longer worried about growing old and alone. She’s got access to the Buddha, retinol and a foster care puppy program.

Through hilarious sketches and storytelling of life experiences, Reeni invites you into her world of protecting her ‘happy’.

Reeni is a standout improviser and comedian who performed in Improvised Real Housewives, a sell-out production at the 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival. She’s also an ensemble cast member at The Improv Conspiracy’s flagship show.



Artist Showcase – Bryn DC

Art – by Bryn DC
Words – by Morgan Thistlethwaite

Heret I

This accepted reality is but a delicately thin veil. What lies beneath, one can’t even begin to comprehend. Unless of course, you are artist Bryn DC, whose body of work explores this realm of unimaginable horror, bringing nightmares to life through sculpture, photography and moving images.

The year is 2006. The place, a student house in Canberra. Like the others at this party, I am an aspiring young artist, drawn by the promise of something deliciously bohemian and debaucherously dangerous. Not quite Dogs in Space, but still very exciting to a wide-eyed country boy like me. Every room buzzes with an energy that only the young, inspired, and hopeful can create. The bottle in my hand is empty. This minor setback leads me to the kitchen where I retrieve a fresh bottle from the fridge. I remove the twist-top lid and flick it in the general direction of the bin when I am accosted by a tall teenager with angular features.

“Birdseed under the eyelids!” he shouts, wild eyes gleaming under a floppy fringe, “Can you imagine anything more painful?” He gesticulates the action with his hands. As strange as he is, he certainly has my attention.

Flashforward three years, after I’ve escaped our nation’s Capital Territory to settle in Melbourne, and I’ve all but forgotten about this strange boy. Unbeknownst to me, the strange boy has outgrown Canberra and I am surprised to learn that he’s living a suburb away, on the couch of a mutual friend. In need of a place to stay until he finds his feet, he moves in to the spare room of our Brunswick house with my brother and me. With two cats and a backyard, this arrangement is good, if not a little chaotic. The place has become some kind of halfway-home for artists and backpackers. I move out, and life goes on.

Another three years pass, and it comes to be that once again, I have a spare room that Bryn DC ends up living in. With more cats and more backyard, it is slightly less chaotic—though not by much.

Situations and living arrangements change again and again. Every now and then our paths cross, but there is always one constant with Bryn DC, and that’s his passion for horror and art.

Over the years, like many of us, he’s tried his hand at a variety of disciplines to expand his knowledge, and to find his true calling as an artist. The journey has brought him to now, where he’s landed with both feet firmly on the ground, in photography. Drawing on his wide range of skills and experience in special effects and sculpture, he’s able to tell tales that span horror, alternate dystopian timelines (both past and future), and all in a style that is truly recognisable as his own.

The proof is in the pudding.

For more art and full credits visit:

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Comic – Everything’s Coughing Up Roses

Comic – by Mr Sharp

Mr Sharp’s lo-fi comic Everything’s Coughing Up Roses follows the story of a worn and weary bartender at war with the daily grind that is his life.

Cynical, surreal, and at times, incredibly violent, this is a funny and frank portrayal of the man behind the bar.

For more comics, find Mr Sharp on Instagram.