PR_artist-header_mogTalents & Skills: Producer, writer, doodler, guitar sounds and aural programming pleasures (sound design and editing).

Location: Melbourne, Australia.PR_artist-avatar_mog

Bio: As an aspiring human being, Mog tries to do all the things at once. Sometimes he’s very good at it. Other times, the spinning plates come crashing to the ground and he spends the rest of the weekend picking shards of china shards from his shins.

Currently, he is producing The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe, an improv-inspired comedy podcast that is about to commence its second season.

He’s written for C31 Melbourne television with Live on Bowen and The Leak, the latter of which, he was also segment producer.

Find them online:

Twitter: @MogThis

Blog: Mogs Brain Screw

Tumblr: Doodles & Such


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