Tethered by the fates, this pair of lovable losers are more than just housemates—they are also best friends.

Friendship, unfortunately, only goes so far when there are bills to pay and neither one of them is prepared (or equipped) to adult properly just yet.

Follow the fun and misfortune of Mike and Liam as they deal with the real and imagined challenges to simply survive this modern life.


Mike is over everything. To try anything is beneath him. He has turned the act of doing nothing into a lifestyle choice.

An old soul in a young man’s body, he likes nothing more than the quiet solitude of a good book and a cup of tea.

Mike honestly believes that Liam was put on this world to punish him for misdeeds in a past life—there is no other explanation, right?


With Liam, however, everything is beyond him.

A man with a child’s mind willing to try anything twice, his indomitable optimism is outshone only by his lack of practical know-how.

Liam wants the world to sing but does not quite understand that the world is not always waiting for him to start so that it can join in later.

Mike and Liam star in their very own weekly comic, as well as Enter the Carrot, the forthcoming six-part radioplay premiering April 26th!