Enjoy these quality Potato Revolution Productions.

Enter the Carrot: a Mike and Liam adventure (2021)

It was a regular day in the home of Mike and Liam… and then things got weird.

When a mysterious ragged stranger gives Mike and Liam a magical carrot that turns ordinary doorways into teleportation portals, this plucky pair will open doors that can never be closed again as they uncover a conspiracy that, if true, threatens the fate of human existence.

A surreal slice of adorkable comedy and pure whimsy.

The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe (2018-2020)

In the most remote corners of the universe, away from the prying eyes of established law and order, there is always a Quest Inn…

…and at The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe every day is a new adventure for Chase Quarterly the time-traveller, Katherine Wilder the last Shentaur, and Bocky the idea rooster. 

Space Junk (2018)

A collection of sketches, stories and music brought to you by the folks behind The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe.

Potato Revolution Podcast Archive (2011-2013)

Hosted by Mog and Andy, this mixed bag of interviews, music, and shenanigans is a candid historical snapshot of Melbourne’s emerging comics and the standup scene.