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The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe

Every day is a new adventure for Chase Quarterly the time-traveller, Katherine Wilder the last Shentaur, and Bocky the idea rooster at the Quest Inn.

These three unlikely friends each have a past they’d rather soon forget, but with new guests dropping in every week, can they keep their secrets hidden?

The #QuestInnPodcast is a comedy sci-fi/fantasy series created by and starring Beau Windon, Indiana Kiely, Tom Fahey and Mog Thistlethwaite.

Space Junk


A collection of sketches, stories and music brought to you by the folks behind The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe.

Written and performed by Tom Fahey, Indiana Kiely, Mog Thistlethwaite, Beau Windon and Charlie Sturgeon.

Potato Revolution Podcast Archive (2011-2013)

Hosted by Mog and Andy, this mixed bag of interviews, music, and shenanigans is a candid historical snapshot of Melbourne’s emerging comics and the standup scene.

Photos and additional content for each episode can be found in the archive.