Submission Guidelines

We here at the Potato Revolution have a slightly weird sense of humour that comes through in both the work we create and promote.

If you worry that we won’t find you funny, or too obscure and we won’t get it – let that thought go. We want your unique perspective because it is your own. If it’s honest, challenging and/or thought-provoking, we want to share it with the world because variety is what makes life worth living.

We’re not looking for perfection – we’re not robots – but we do want you to be proud of your work and to see the thinking behind your idea.

So when you submit, ask yourself, “what is my intention with this?” If you don’t know, how will your audience?

For example:

A badly drawn comic like The Far Side, is a classic because the jokes work. We, as the audience forgive the visual shortcomings, as long as comic artist Gary Larson delivers on his promise. That promise being: “I’ll use one picture and one caption to make you laugh”.

You can create a masterpiece, finely polished and faultlessly rendered, but if it doesn’t say anything or connect with the audience, why does it exist? In our opinion, it has failed.

So, feel free to submit anything you want but also remember that we are building a community and as such, we must be aware of those around us.

To do this, we have a few guidelines:

  • Dark humour is great and edgy is wonderful. We like to see challenging work but we’re not looking for content with the primary purpose of causing offence. If the concept doesn’t justify the content, you won’t see it here.
  • Anything racist, sexist, pornographic or deliberately antagonistic will not be included.
  • Multimedia is encouraged. Animations, cartoons and shorts are most welcome but again, quality is what we’re aiming for.
  • If we feel that your content is promising but not quite what we’re looking for, we may give you feedback on what you can do to get it over the line.