Reviewed: Elysium (2013)

  There’s been an assortment of pretty average Sci-Fi stories coming out of Hollywood recently. The freshest in my mind is Oblivion – the meandering yet visually appealing Tom Cruise vehicle, After Earth (the less said, the better) and now Elysium. Elysium is Neill Blomkamps’ follow-up effort to the surprise hit that was District 9 […]

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Podcast – Episode 23

Kieran Eaton joins us once again in the studio – this time to share his knowledge on the Perth comedy scene, 80’s cartoons and the perks of caring for the elderly.

Andy brings us an installment Things That Are Weird: Conspiracy Theory 101 in which he draws us into the bizarre world of internet theorists and just a few of the topics they devote their time and energy to.

Mog tells a story about buying a new pair of pants and featured also is a track from Melbourne thrash rockers, Dirty Chapters. Get into it!

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