Reviewed: Step Brothers (2008)

step brothersIf you have not seen this movie yet, drop everything immediately, head to your local video store/Netflix/place what they get movies from, grab a copy and watch it ASAP!

Re-watching this reminded me that Step Brothers is one of those gems of pure fun with a threadbare story that obviously serves as just a vehicle to get from one sketch to the next for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to play in and it’s awesome! This is the second time we get to follow this pair under the direction of Adam McKay (the first instance being Talladega Nights) who really lets them do whatever they want to make us laugh.

The story follows Dale (Reilly) and Brennan (Ferrell), two thirty-something-year-old men who still live at home with their single father Robert (Richard Jenkins) and mother Nancy (Mary Steenburgen) respectively. The parents meet and it’s love at first sight; they get married and decide to move in together much to Dale and Brennan’s dismay.

At first, Dale and Brennan don’t get on but soon realise that they are so alike that they can’t help but be best friends. Happy that they’re connecting, Nancy and Robert think home life will be better but the fact that they’ve got two grown men under one roof behaving like children takes a toll on their relationship. They try to instil a little responsibility in the boys’ lives by getting them jobs but they’re not up to the challenge. The stress becomes unbearable and they break up.

Dale and Brennan are devastated and each blames the other for their parents’ falling out. They essentially break up as well.

Months down the track the boys have finally learned some responsibility and know how to get by on their own in the real world when a chance comes up for them to make amends and get their parents back together.

Reilly and Ferrell are the reason most people will watch this movie but the supporting cast put in just as much effort (special note goes to Steenburgen and Jenkins) with a hilarious performance by Adam Scott as Dale’s dickish brother Derek that is also worth mentioning.

Look, just watch the movie. It’s consistently funny and won’t let you down.

Reviewed: Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)

eastbound_and_down_ver7_xlgKenny Powers is a natural talent when it comes to pitching which catapults him into the stratosphere of baseball success but he’s also a complete dick which takes all those privileges away almost just as quickly. This little TV series picks up with Kenny moving back to his hometown where he moves in with his brother’s family to pick up the pieces of a broken man and try to bring some normalcy back into his chaotic life. He gets a job at the local school as a PE teacher where an old flame also works. If he can win her back, maybe he can regain his mojo and begin to climb his way back to the top.

Eastbound & Down is the creation of Danny McBride (who plays powers), Jody Hill (Observe and Report) and Ben Best (Your Highness). It’s a story where redemption is dangled like a carrot in front of the ass that is Powers, but like all mule and cart scenarios, is forever out of reach yet we stay in the cart regardless as we watch this terrible man make bad decisions and be horribly offensive in the process.

As an HBO series, it’s the perfect antithesis of sitcom for those of us too jaded for anything NBC has to offer. The scripts are nice and loose with plenty of room for improvisation (McBride’s forte) and the supporting cast are all endearing in their own ways.

A shout-out to Steve Little is due as he is absolutely hilarious as Kenny’s ever loyal and put upon friend, Stevie Janowski.

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There’re also a slew of cameos including Will FerrellCraig RobinsonAdam Scott and rather surprisingly Matthew McConaughey who all add to the fun that is this show.

Three seasons exist so far and even though I’m of the personal opinion that the third Season wasn’t the greatest, I’m still frothing at the bit for the potential of another helping. If you’re easily offended, it may not be your cup of tea. Otherwise, get the fuck on this shit.