Enter the Carrot Episode 02 – Operation: GILA

In France, a Checkout Girl helps Mike and Liam with the first challenge of their quest, but is she with them or against them? Their next destination: Mexico, to find the legendary Gila Monster.

The adventure continues in the second toe-tingling instalment of the all-new Mike + Liam limited podcast series now available to download here and everywhere you find podcasts!

Starring Andy and Mog with Rhysy and Mr Rupert Sharp.

Find full credits here and more Mike + Liam adventures in their very own weekly comic!

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Comic – Mike & Liam: don’t touch my dictaphone

Comic – Story by Morgan Thistlethwaite / Photography by Just ‘n Idea Productions

Starring Andy and Mog as Mike & Liam, the photos for this comic were taken many years ago with Just ‘n Idea Productions, who were also responsible for our very first promotional images.

The comic was going to appear in a Potato Revolution ‘zine that never left the planning phase and now it’s here for your viewing pleasure.