Blog: A Matter Of Time (and Randy Adeva)

It’s been almost two years since we tried to reboot our little podcast as The Spudcast, and our guests for that singular episode were a couple of improv comedy nerds named Beau Windon and Randy Adeva.

Really, this interview was my introduction into the world of improv – a performance style that I had little respect for, and knew even less about.

That conversation with RanBeau (as they were collectively known) led me to do some homework, and I came to realise that many of my favourite actors, comedians and performers used elements of improv in much of their best work.
Randy also mentioned in that little chat that he was wanting to get into standup.

So yes, after a decent chunk of life, here we all are: I’ve teamed up with Beau (and some other wonderfully talented people) to produce The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe (link) and after honing his standup skills over the interim, Randy is now doing his first MICF show.

Isaac Jones & Randy Adeva – Cool
It’s a funny old thing, but when you’re spending your days just chipping away at a project, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and you can forget just how far you (and those around you) have come.

I’ve spent a lot of time not doing much – drifting in the ocean, as it were – clinging for dear life to the life-preserver that is my little projects. It’s taken a while, but I feel like I’ve finally got my feet back on dry land.

There’s a lot of great stuff happening at MICF this year and it’s the perfect time to try something new, so why not get out there to catch Randy before he becomes the next big thing.

We’ve all come a long way, baby.


The Spudcast: Improv (with Randy Adeva, Beau Windon)

Podcast – by Potato Revolution


Hey, you pretty thing. It’s only the first official episode of The Spudcast right here.

Special guests Randy Adeva and Beau Windon (collectively known as RanBeau) chat with Mog and Andy about all things improv.

Don’t know the difference between improv and standup? Tune in to find out as Randy and Beau share how they got involved with the scene, and learn how you can too. This was a fun episode to record and, if we do say so ourselves, a fantastic start to the season.


Randy and Beau recommend improv at:

The Improv Conspiracy:

  • Cage Matchevery Friday @ 9:30pm
  • Off The  CuffSaturdays @ 9:30pm
  • Harold NightThursdays @ 7:30pm & 8:45pm
  • The RemixSaturdays @ 8:15pm
  • Tomp Canks + Femmily – Saturdays @ 9:30pm
(Check the calendar to confirm dates/times)

The Big Hoo Ha @ The Butterfly Club

Also, look out for Randy Adeva performing standup in and around Melbourne at open mic nights.

Who is Beau Windon? Follow his Facebook page to find out.

All episodes are available on iTunes (rate us and comment while you’re there!) or subscribe with RSS.