Podcast – Episode 30

Comedian. Radio lad. Fella what be drawin’ ‘toons. All these words and more describe our guest this week who goes by the name of Murphy McLachlan. Have a listen as we chat to him about humble beginnings, where he’s at now and what to expect in the future from this man with one finger on the pulse and the rest of them (thumbs included) in a variety of tasty pies.

Andy & Mog compare superpower wishlists and in celebration of their forthcoming album we have the track ‘Knuckles’ from Voltera for your aural pleasure.

Get all over this like a gymnast on one of those bar things that they seem to be so fond of.

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Podcast – Episode 26

Cahl Schroedl is our man of the hour in this episode. Musician, artist, and all round personable guy that he is – listen in to hear him share a story or two about his many years of being a part of Melbourne’s underground music scene.

Mog tells a tale of too much beer and karaoke at the infamous Fluid Oz while Andy tells of his inability to use a heat pack properly.

In the latest installment of Things That Are Weird: Conspiracy Theory 101 we delve into what an amateur Tasmanian paranormal investigator discovered when he decided to get to the bottom of weird goings-on in his household.

If that’s not enough, this week’s track “From This” is just a small taste of what Voltera sister project Razors Of Ockham have in store for us. Get on board and have a listen!

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Podcast – Episode 22

Dan Brader drops by the studio this week to chat about his approach to comedy and shares a few stories about the highs and lows of his tumultuous career. You won’t want to miss this!

Andy & Mog reflect on how they feel the debut performance/event that was the Potato Revolution Launch Party went.

Plus, some awesome tunes from Melbourne Metal/Rock outfit Voltera.

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