In the most remote corners of the universe, away from the prying eyes of established law and order, there is always a Quest Inn…

…and at The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe every day is a new adventure for Chase Quarterly the time-traveller, Katherine Wilder the last Shentaur, and Bocky the idea rooster. 

These three unlikely friends each have a past they would rather soon forget, but with new guests dropping in every week, can they keep their secrets hidden?

The #QuestInnPodcast is a comedy sci-fi/fantasy series created by and starring Beau Windon, Indiana Kiely, Tom Fahey and Mog Thistlethwaite.

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Meet the characters:

CHASE QUARTERLY (Beau Windon) is a time-travelling human on the run from a past version of himself. That said, he is also on a mission to hunt down his future self. From here on in, the Chase timeline gets a little complicated.

KATHERINE WILDER (Indiana Kiely) is a shentaur and the last of her species. After the mass extermination of her kind on the planet Olympia, she keeps it real by doing all she can to keep her work/life balance in check.

BOCKY THE IDEA ROOSTER (Tom Fahey) is a miracle of modern science. Through genetic engineering, he has the brain of a mad scientist inside the body of a rooster.

The many supporting characters that find their way into The Quest Inn at the Centre of the Universe are played by a long list of incredibly talented actors, comedians and improvisers from in and around Melbourne.

This talent includes:
Lucy Rees, Hayley Tantau, Dan Thomas, Doug Neale, Fiannah de Rue, Matt Jackson, Kit Richards, Charlie Sturgeon, RHYMEZONE, Doug Lyons, Emma Hardy, Shane Henry, Reeni Inosha, Brendan Wan, Lukas Quinn, Derek Wilson, Hill Hügel, Stephanie Teitelbaum, Simon McCulloch, Tom Burton, Caitlyn Staples, Millie Holten, Simon Hawkings, Tim Quabba, Sophia Stanley, Megan Mitchell, Taylor Griffiths, Andy Balloch, Pedro Cooray, Becky Swannick, Zoe Gough, Davis Murphy, Luca Kiarato, David Todman, Zach Navarre …and more to come!

Many thanks to each and every one of our guests for their invaluable contribution in bringing these characters and stories to life.

Recorded, edited and produced by Potato Revolution.